Friday, 1 May 2015

Indonesia - Day 5 - Seminyak

Had a lazier start today catching the hotel shuttle to the Bali Bombing Memorial. We both kinda felt that the memorial was underwhelming, and it is in need of some TLC. Also seems like there isn't much respect for the place from people from other nations, who were joking and taking selfies in front of the list of names.

After this we took a stroll along Legian Road back towards Seminyak for a bit of shopping. The shop keepers were much nicer and more respectful than the ones we ran into yesterday. Finally got a Bintang singlet! Does this mean I'm accepted into the Bogan tribe? About lunch time we were both too hot so we jumped in a taxi and headed for Waterbom Park. We spent the majority of our time there cruising around on the "lazy river". We both had a go on the Constrictor, We went on the Python together, I got a great video of Kristen screaming as we went over a drop off which I'm not allowed to show anyone. Kristen wasn't really up for many of the rides so I went on the Super Bowl and the Boomerang myself. Boomerang was insane, I was 100% sure I was gonna go flying off and die! Kristen lost her new sunglasses in the pool, which was the longest, mopiest 10 minutes of the trip until one of the life guards fished them out of the lazy river with a pool scoop!

After we had cooled off sufficiently we headed next door to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner. Not sure why these haven't made it to Australia yet, but we both thought it was great, If you like prawns check one out! We both ate way too much food whilst enjoying Forest Gump on loop on every TV in the joint whilst it poured rain outside!

As the rain let off we hopped in a taxi back to the hotel, after which we took a stroll on the beach and went for a walk through the stalls closest to our hotel looking for some bargains but  there were none to be had.

Now its time for us to pack our bags ready to move on to Ubud tomorrow morning! I can't wait to experience the humidity of the forests!

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