Saturday, 19 October 2013

Thailand - Day 11 - Phuket

Day 11

Yet another plane. This one was basically a flying tin can, but luckily we were only on it for 45 minutes. It was a quick flight followed by a long drive.

The plane had propellers!

It took over an hour for us to get from the airport to our hotel in Karon. The hotel was worth the wait. Two words - Honeymoon Suite. The room we are staying in is the Honeymoon Suite and it has 2 balconies, one of which has a hot tub on it.

After we settled in a little we went for a little walk around the streets. After 5-10 minutes of walking we found the beach.

We don't like this beach as much as Chewang beach. It is a bit more crowded and a lot rougher. No corn lady. :(

We came back to our room with the intention of watching the sunset over the ocean from our balcony. Unfortunately by the time sunset was due the clouds were too thick and we didn't actually see anything. We headed down to one of the restaurants for dinner, and at some point between leaving our room and getting to the lobby to cross the little carpark to get to the restaurant, a down pour had started. This was the first bad weather we've had all holiday, and it is still raining. Tonight's dinner special was all you can eat burgers for 350 baht (about $12) each.

You build your own burger

After 1 burger for me and 3 for Matt, we headed back up to our room. Matt is now coping with his over full belly and meat sweats by watching the Liverpool v Newcastle game.

I'm trying to convince him that we should go see some more tigers. So if you guys could help me persuade him, I'd be very appreciative. :)

Goodnight all.

- Kristen 

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  1. Looking at tigers seems like much more fun than watching football, which you can see anywhere. I'm with you Kristen