Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Thailand - Day 14 - Koh Phi Phi Don

Day 14

Another travel day, thankfully today's trip was in a speed boat out to Koh Phi Phi. We were picked up by our resorts speed boat from the Royal Phuket Marina and were off!

Our first look at Koh Phi Phi from the speedboat.

Our room :)

Compulsory bed photo.

Kristen was pretty excited about the mosquito net over the bed!

This place looks like its out of Gilligan's Island, all the villas are surrounded by tall green plants with palms and sandy pathways leading between all the different buildings. We had very high hopes for this place before we'd arrived and it blew all of our hopes out of the water. This place is BEAUTIFUL!

They have these spaced out all over the resort, they show pictures of the native bird life with some information about the species so you know what your looking at.

Path down to the beach.

This is the pretty much what the resort looks like from the beach.

On our way to dinner we say a double rainbow!

Tomorrow morning we're off on a trip around the island with stops at Mosquito island, Bamboo island, Phi Phi Ley and a few other stops.

Hopefully the pictures do this place justice! Kristen and I have been blown away... We're already talking about coming back :)


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