Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thailand - Day 9 - Koh Samui

Day 9

Firstly we just want to say that we've heard about the fires and are hoping everyone is ok, and that the fireys are fantastic for doing what they do.

Today was a bit of a quiet day for us, we didn't really feel like doing anything so we didn't. We relaxed by the pool until lunch time, and then we relaxed on the beach. We finally got a chance to try the BBQ beach corn. It was a m a z i n g. I think we have touched on this before, but there are people that walk up and down the beach carrying various things to sell. Beach toys, bikinis, jewelry, and food. Mostly the food is the BBQ corn or ice creams.

From our first day on Samui, they have a little BBQ on one end of the stick and all of their corn etc on the other and they BBQ the corn while you watch.

I know I'm going on a bit about this corn, but it really is great. It tasted like really good popcorn, but was also very sweet and juicy. Anyway after our beach corn we had some beach ice cream.

Then we just resumed our doing nothing.

Kristen doing nothing

Matt doing nothing

You get the idea

We then decided to have a swim

Kristen getting slammed by a wave that "came out of nowhere"

We hung out for a little while until it was almost time to pick up Matt's suit. We stopped for dinner at a place called Duke's pub on our way up the street. It's a nice little English pub that had soccer on a massive screen in front of our table, so Matt was happy. It seems like we always get a table where you can see a soccer game, and Matt is always facing the game... hmm.

After dinner and reading all about the fires we headed up the road some more to get the suit. It is a nice cashmere black suit and he also got 2 shirts made. A bargain at 6000 baht (about $AUD200).

Doesn't he look classy? Anyway after a short tuk tuk ride back to the hotel we just have to figure out how to get his nice new suit home.

Not very interesting day for you lot I'm afraid. Take care everyone.

- Kristen.

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