Monday, 14 October 2013

Thailand - Day 5 + 6 - Koh Samui

Day 5

We decided to have a day of relaxation, seeing as we've been on the go for the last few days with tours and travel, plus everything before that with the wedding. We chilled out by the pool until it was time for lunch, then we took a stroll down Chaweng beach and had lunch at a little restaurant on the beach. The food was average, but Kristen did manage to make friends with this guy...

After I managed to pry Kristen away from her new furry friend, we headed back to our resort, for some more relaxation in our room and pool. Then Happy Hour happened!

Day 6

Turns out we made some friends during Happy Hour, we jumped on a private tour of the island with them and Mr Samui (Tour Guide). If anyone is planning on visiting Koh Samui I can't recommend this guy enough! ( He spent the whole day showing us the tourist hotspots and some more off the beaten track, also telling us what restaurants were good and which ones to steer clear of. And he's quick with a joke too :) 

First stop on our tour was a lookout overlooking Chaweng beach.

Then it was off to Hin Ta and Hin Yai which in Thai means grandmother and grandfather rock. Long story short, they look like genitals.

After Hin Ta and Hin Yai we went for a look at a local market.

Then we stopped at a coconut plantation for a demonstration on how they use monkeys to get the coconuts. Followed by tasting some fresh coconut and coconut water.

Mr Samui

After we were full of coconuts. Mr Samui took us to a local temple with the mummified remains of the coolest monk on the island. Sporting a pair of Ray Bans Wayfarers

Then we visited one of the island's waterfalls, which was a bit of an anti-climax with it being the dry season.

Then it was off to the peak lookout cafe, which was a panoramic view of the whole island from on top of the mountain.

Then lunch at one of Mr Samui's favourite restaurants.

Our new friends Sarah and Janna, from Melbourne (First Australians we've met)

Then we were taken to the Big Buddha near Boh Phut.

Then to another temple near Boh Phut, inspired by the local Chinese population.

After a full day of sight seeing Mr Samui dropped us back to our resort. We had dinner at a restaurant called "Sydney" which was Australian themed... kinda... Planning on another day of relaxation tomorrow without Happy Hour!


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  1. That looks just beautiful! Maybe you should write a review or a post on the discussion forum of Koh samui on tripadvisor to help mister Samui! I will definitly contact him when i go to Samui!