Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thailand - Day 4 - Koh Samui

Day 4

Today saw us on another plane, Koh Samui bound. We arrived on the island early afternoon. After checking in to our beach front resort we took a wander along the beach.

Ok time for some pictures!

Our second decorated bed

View from our room, yes that is a swim up bar

Kristen in a DRESS!

Happy because it isn't as humid as Chiang Mai


A second after we took this a Thai lady commented on how happy we look, and she wasn't even trying to sell us something

Fried corn lady that walks along the beach

After our walk up and down the beach we headed back to our plunge pool for some relaxing, then a drink over looking the beach. For dinner we walked along the street a bit and found somewhere to eat. Note to self, next time don't eat at the first place you find. We had a Thai tasting plate, which mostly was nice, except for a strange looking substance in the middle. Matt was brave enough to try it but paid dearly. After 5 sneezes I told him I wasn't saying "bless you" anymore, after 7 I told him to shut up, after 10 the waitress brought over a few napkins for him. She thought it was as funny as I did, and thankfully 10 was the stopping point.

Our thoughts on Koh Samui so far; major lack of tuk tuks, really tourist-y, nicer weather and views, not as crowded, no awesome night markets, stray dogs seem mildly happier, and a strong focus on drinking and massages.

- Kristen

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