Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Thailand - Day 15 - Koh Phi Phi Don

Day 15

Today's post is going to be pretty picture heavy. Enjoy.

Up early again today for our half day Phi Phi tour. We started the tour by jumping in the weirdest tuk tuks we have seen yet. Unfortunately no pictures. It is a carriage pulled by a tractor. They don't really have roads or cars on the island so they drive tractors on the beach. The tractor took us out to the speed boat and our first stop was to pick up our guide, who was waiting down the next bay.

We went down and around to Maya Bay, a gorgeous bay famous for being the location The Beach was filmed at. It is amazing. We explored around a bit, then went for a swim in the nice water.

Path to a lookout

The lookout

This is the reverse side of the lookout from the boat

Next we went snorkelling in another bay/lagoon area.

Then back on the boat.

There were a few of these shacks around the cliffs

We were then taken to a good swimming spot, and were told to jump off the boat. Matt did, I used the ladder.

The bit in the middle where the boat parked was pretty deep, but around the edge was shallow enough for us to stand up in. However there was something in the water with us that kept nipping at us.

Our speed boat

Back on the boat again.

The "Viking Caves"

We stopped at Monkey beach, but it was crowded so we didn't get out of the boat.

Then off to another snorkelling spot.

The brown fish kept being a jerk and chasing around the black and white fish

There were literally hundreds of these stripey fish around, and they were not afraid of us

Oh no, attach of the giant fish!

After we headed back to the island we grabbed some lunch and relaxed by the pool. We had a nice quite afternoon planning our next few days.

I made another new friend

We had dinner at the restaurant, then took a stroll down the beach. On the way back up we stopped for ice creams and started heading back to the hotel. When we were almost back we noticed something on the beach in front of the hotel next to ours. A fire show.

The show was amazing. When we got back to the room, we noticed our turn down service had been, and they had left us some gifts. Last night they left us a photo of us from when we arrived and some chocolates, tonight they left us a worry doll. I used to have some worry dolls when I was little (much smaller than this one), so it was a nice touch that made me very happy. We absolutely love it here.

Bye for now.

- Kristen

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