Saturday, 26 October 2013

Thailand - Day 18 - Bangkok

Day 18

Sorry fans, only a brief update today as we've spent all day on in a boat/car/plane. Pretty sick of travelling between destinations, but only 1 more flight in a few days and we'll be back in AUS. Anyways... we're now in Bangkok.

Not a lot of pictures as we've been travelling all day, but here are the ones we did take.

So as we were waiting for our boat from Zeavola we noticed some commotion further down the beach, as we walked down the beach we spotted one of the resort workers had climbed up a dead palm tree with a chainsaw to cut it down.

Anyways... along time after we left Zeavola we arrived at our new hotel the Pathumwan Princess in Bangkok. This is Kristen sculling her welcome test tube drink.

Required photo of the decorated bed, this room comes with the matching rose petals in the bath tub.

Complimentary chocolate cake for me. I let Kristen have some too.

Tomorrow we have a tour of Ayutthaya World Heritage Site booked, and an evening of shopping or Muay Thai.

I promise there will be a lot more photos tomorrow.


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  1. I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing you both back home. I hope you're not expecting a decorated bed when you get home! I would like to learn how to fold towels like that though