Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thailand - Day 12 - Phuket

Day 12

Today began with us meeting our Destination Asia representative making sure we got where we needed to go :), Also booked our tour of Phang Nga for tomorrow.

Once that was sorted out we took a stroll down the street and were on our way too... you may have guessed it... the Tiger Kingdom.

Warning Some of the following pictures may make you go "Nawwww"

Ok so that's all the tigers for now. (We have a lot more pictures!)

Anyway, on our way to the Tiger Kingdom we saw a few things that are worth mentioning.

Firstly we were held up by an Elephant crossing the road.

And then this bus? overflowing with people.

After the Tiger Kingdom, we headed down to Patong for some lunch and shopping.

Our limousine for the day

Random tiger building

Not sure if you can see it in the picture or not, but there is a guy working on the power lines, hes standing on the power lines whilst working on them.

View from our room at night.

We have to go to bed early tonight as tomorrow is going to be a big day.

- Matt

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