Monday, 21 October 2013

Thailand - Day 13 - Phuket

Day 13

Ok so today saw us jumping in a speed boat and heading to Phang Nga Bay for some sight seeing and some swimming. 

After about a 40 minute boat trip we arrived at our first stop, Panak Island. At Panak we jumped out of the boat and into inflatable canoes, then we went about exploring the caves under the island! First up we explored the 'Mangrove Cave', parts of this cave we all had to lay flat in the boat so that we didnt smack our heads on the roof.

On the other side of the cave was a small lagoon with a few mangrove trees in the middle

After we had left the mangrove cave after some canoe limbo we pulled up on a small beach so that we could explore the "Diamond Cave". The diamond cave gets its name from the rock inside which sparkles in the light. Not real diamonds unfortunately.

Then we were back into the canoes for more exploring.

Then after another short boat trip, we arrived at the famous James Bond Island... Doesn't even look like him! This island appeared in the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' and they wont let you forget it!

Ok, so apparently it's good luck to have your photo taken with this rock? Remind me to buy a lotto ticket once we're back in Aus.

Then it was back in the boats and off for a spot of lunch at Panyee village. The whole village is over the water with the exception of the graveyard and the mosque. They even have a floating football field (real football, the type that uses the round ball!)

Once the sightseeing was over, we were dropped back at the hotel for a quick rest then it was back out for dinner and a bit of last minute shopping.

Kristen's Bahama Mama sent her cross eyed!

Then we found the coolest Tuk Tuk we could for the ride home.

Tomorrow sees us off to our next stop, Koh Phi Phi... no plane this time! YAY, just a 1 hour ride in a speed boat :)


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