Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Thailand - Day 8 - Koh Samui

Day 8

Our day started out with us relaxing by our pool after breakfast, we had planned to go play Football Golf early in the morning, however as the morning rolled on we realized we weren't gonna make it as we had planned.

As we got closer to lunch we decided to walk up Chaweng to get some lunch and for my suit fitting. It's only a 20 minute walk to the tailors shop, but in the heat and humidity it feels like at least an hour. After my fitting was over and I had added a few shirts to the order we crossed the road to Tropical Murphy's for some lunch. This is one of those places which you exactly what you order, but we both liked it.

Once we were done with lunch we decided to finally make our way to Football Golf, so we jumped in a taxi and were off. Our taxi driver had the grossest finger nails i have ever seen... About 5cms long, yellow, and pointed! Kristen was actually a little bit worried by the taxi, as it had no seat belts in the back, her door had no handle on the inside and the locks had been removed. It turned out ok for us but we are going to stick to tuk tuks I think (tuk tuks here are utes with seats in the tray and a roof over the top).

So after 10 minutes we had arrived. 18 holes of sweaty football golf fun. The course is an old coconut plantation and it is sort of like a miniature version of golf (which greens, sand traps etc) but you kick a soccer ball into massive holes instead. I was dubious at first, but it turned out to be an interesting way to spend an afternoon. We had a little score card and quickly got the hang of how it all worked. Well I did, Kristen still isn't great at kicking straight (Also if you look closely at the pictures of her kicking you can see in almost every one she has her mouth open, it made going back through the pictures very funny).

One of the common things we've come across in Koh Samui is they pass out cold wet towels, which can come in very useful. We used them to cool down after walking around kicking a ball for an hour. They even sell wet towels at 7-Eleven!

The record breaking "put"

Top scoring Australian for October, 2nd best score on the board... there's a 60 up there somewhere.

Kristen also wants me to mention that she finally got her fried riced served in a pineapple (from our hotel of all places) for dinner tonight.

Not sure what our movements will be tomorrow as it looks like we're in for a storm some time tonight. Didn't end up going to Muay Thai tonight, have heard mixed reviews for it here, so we'll probably try and catch a bout in Phuket or Bangkok.


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