Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thailand - Day 16 - Koh Phi Phi Don

Day 16

On the way to breakfast this morning something flew across the path and landed on a tree next to us. I think. I'm pretty sure it was this little guy. Do lizards fly? Or maybe it was a good jump? Hmm.

After breakfast we booked a long boat around to Ton Sai Bay, which is the touristy/central part of Phi Phi.

Little map to give you some reference.

We booked the long boat for 12 and took the couple of few hours as an opportunity to get some laundry out of the way. When it was time for our boat we headed down to the beach.

The tractor tuk tuk

Leaving Zeavola beach

Our driver took us up towards the top of the island and around to the back side of Ton Sai, and parked us on the beach. The trip took about half to get around there. He told us we had a few hours.

Me enjoying a banana nutella pancake that i bought as soon as i saw them. They are pretty yummy, but watch out for hot banana.

You may notice that I am wearing a dress (the second one bought here) and that the bottom of that dress is wet in the above picture. It made it a little bit hard getting in and especially out of the long boat. I was trying my hardest to hold my dress up so it wouldn't get wet while I was also trying to jump out of the front of the boat. Matt was no help. He grabbed on to me before I fell backward into the water but I still got wet and hurt my ankle a little bit. The banana nutella pancake made it better until I burnt my tongue a little further down the street.

We wandered around Ton Sai a bit, and found Matt some lunch.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar...

Cool restaurant we found after lunch

We sort of got lost (Matt assured me he knew exactly where we were), so I wanted to start heading back to our boat. We ended up on the main side of Ton Sai where the dock is.

We found our way back to our boat on the other side of Ton Sai and headed back to our hotel.

When we got back Matt decided that he would be a gentleman and lift me out of the boat on to the beach, which was fun and all of the boat drivers thought it was funny. We headed to the pool for a few hours, then came back to get ready for dinner. It started to rain (we have noticed that it is nice and sunny in the morning, overcast in the afternoon, then stormy at some point in the night). We didn't realise how heavy it was until we got outside and it was pouring down. It was so bad that the sand path was sucking our thongs down as we walked making it really hard. Thankfully we took our umbrellas. We came back to a turn down service having been and left us this cute little guy.

Tomorrow we have a special day planned.

Bye for now.

- Kristen

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