Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thailand - Day 7 - Koh Samui

Day 7
We started the day by getting some laundry out of the way. Exciting, I know.
Once that was out of the way we went up Chaweng for a spot of lunch, browsing the shops as we went. Kristen managed to get some new carry on luggage for 800baht off, she really is getting good at bartering. I was gullible enough to be lured into a tailors to "look" at suits. Anyway, after taking measurements and paying a deposit we were back on our way. Hopefully we'll have an event soon which I need a suit for! After lunch we headed back for the resort for more relaxing by the pool, which was followed by an afternoon nap.
After our nap, it was time for dinner again. Tonight we went to a restaurant called Baci. There are a couple of little things about Aussie restaurants that we are starting to miss here. 1) No smoking in restaurants. It is great for smokers here, they can light up where ever they want. I miss having having dinner without second hand smoke. 2) Complimentary water with dinner. Seems we take for granted our free clean drinking water, especially when it is so hot and you've walked twenty minutes from your hotel. 3) The kitchen being inside. I'm not sure if it's the same in the rest of Thailand, but along Chaweng 75% of the restaurants want to cook on the side of the road so you can have a look as you walk past.
We had a bit of an "Oh Shit" moment on the way to the restaurant tonight. Five minutes into walking down the street Matt realised he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. We both raced back to the resort with our eyes glued to the sidewalk trying to see if he'd dropped it while we were walking. Luckily he just hadn't put it back on after our swim in the pool.
Tomorrow, on the agenda is Football Golf, Suit Fitting and maybe some Muay Thai Boxing. We promise lots of pictures and less talking by us!

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